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Spider Service

Spiders are one of the most common pests in Tennessee.

We have specialized plans to help with this service. We are not a company that expects one service to fit all needs by our clients. Call us today to receive a quote and plan of action!


Spider control services by Pest Solutions in Nashville TN

Found both inside and outside, spiders feed on insects like mosquitos, flies, and moths. In fact, spiders can be beneficial to keeping other pests under control.

However, spiders are creepy crawlers themselves that can scare and unnerve, and some have venomous bites that can be potentially dangerous to humans.

Many kinds of spiders reside around Nashville and the rest of Tennessee—tens of thousands of species can be found worldwide, while hundreds can be found in the continental United States. Spiders can range widely in size and color, but they all share a core set of physical traits: eight legs, two body sections, and a pair of jaws.

How to Identify Spiders


Spiders are relatively easy to identify, with their many legs and many eyes. However, spiders can vary. Most spiders are not dangerous and are more scared of humans than we are of them.


To best identify the type of spider, you’ll want to focus on a handful of traits:








Whether or not you can accurately identify the spiders that are infesting your home, be sure to contact Pest Solutions for Tennessee spider control. 

Where to Find Spiders


Like many pests, spiders prefer dark, enclosed hiding spaces. They like to congregate in sheds, garages, behind shelving, in crevices, and under furniture or appliances. Most spiders are nocturnal, so you’ll see most of the activity occur at night. 


One sign of spiders that you’ll likely find in your home are webs. While some species of spiders, like the jumping spider, don’t use webs to catch their prey, many species of spiders use webs to trap insects. 

Protection Against Spiders


No one wants to walk into their home and see spiders running across their floor. While most spiders aren’t threats and are perfectly harmless, some spiders—like the brown recluse and black widow—can be potentially dangerous. Identifying which spider is running around when you can’t get a good look at it can be scary.


Thankfully, Pest Solutions can help guard you against an unnecessary spider invasion.

Helpful Tips to Keep Non-Poisonous Spiders Out

Seal The Cracks in Walls
You can prevent spiders from accessing your home by simply using caulk on the edges of your windows and on any cracks on doors. Use caulk on wires and cables that lead outside. Use wire mesh around any openings like vents or a chimney. This should keep them out of the house in most cases.

Lights Out
In most cases, spiders actively enter your home in search of food. Their meal preference – other bugs. These bugs are most attracted to lights, so make sure that after a reasonable hour, you switch off all outdoor lights. For indoor lights, try using opaque filters or sodium vapor lights in yellow color.

Get Rid of the Clutter
Much like the outside with plants and leaves, the inside being clutter-free helps remove hiding spots for spiders. Make sure to not pile newspapers, unwashed clothes, etc. This will give them no place to hide.

Remove Those Plants
Spiders hide in plants, leaves, and stones. Remove these from the proximity of your house entrances and they should often have no place to hide.

Clean Those Dishes
Keeping those dirty dishes around will attract flies, mosquitos, and other creepers. This is like placing a gourmet five-course meal in front of a spider and asking it to eat for free. Wash those dishes immediately and you will save yourself quite some trouble.

Get Rid of Leftover Food
Eat your fill and either refrigerate the leftovers or throw them out, possibly outside the house.

Possibly the most easy-to-access home remedy for spider prevention, vinegar. Add half a bottle of vinegar to half a bottle of water and spray around your house. If you see a spider, spray it on the spider. You can also add bowls of vinegar in dark corners of the house to keep the spiders away.

Peppermint Spray
Peppermint essential oils are easily available on most e-commerce sites and local stores. They are the worst enemy to spiders. Fill a normal spray bottle with water, and to that, add 25 drops of peppermint essential oils. Spray this all over your house, on your furniture and curtains too.

Eucalyptus Oil
Similar to peppermint essential oils, spiders cannot tolerate eucalyptus. Simply use the technique mentioned above for peppermint essential oils and either replace peppermint with eucalyptus or add it to the peppermint concoction. 

This will make your home anti-spider.
If the infestation goes beyond two or three spiders or you see non-poisonous spiders, it may be time to give Pest Solutions a call. Let us help you get rid of those creepers!

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The gentleman who runs Pest Solutions, Brooks Freeman, is very likely the most professional, knowledgeable, genuinely kind, reasonably-priced business owner of his kind in the state of Tennessee. Their skills are met/exceeded by NO OTHER in the area without a doubt. I personally had an odious black ant issue in my apartment that the property managers weren’t able to address.... Read More
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